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Nicada Digital is a web design company with over 20 years of web design experience. Our designers use their knowledge and creativity to create outstanding websites. Based in Seaton in the UK, our web designers are experts in creating websites that stand out on the internet for all the right reasons.

We offer so much more than just nice looking websites. Our team of web design professionals will work with you to deliver a business website or eCommerce website that drives quality leads and sales. We’re also extremely proud of our reputation for our outstanding customer service.

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Web design Seaton: A track record of excellence

Our team of web developers know how to create website designs that look wonderful, and deliver results. We’ve been helping businesses to stand out in Seaton for over 20 years.

In an increasingly digital world, it’s vital that your online presence truly reflects your business. And for eCommerce websites, it is absolutely essential that the website design is focussed on turning visitors to your site into loyal customers.

Web design is about more than how a website looks…

web design Seaton
  • It’s about helping your brand stand out.
  • It’s about getting found by search engines, and increasing traffic.
  • It’s about authentic communication with your customers.
  • It’s about establishing you and your business as leading experts in your industry.
  • It’s about a user experience that your audience will love.
  • It’s about leads, and sales.
  • Ultimately, web design is all about delivering success for your business.

Helping brands in Seaton to stand out

Our team of experts offer a wide range of services, designed to deliver a quality business website that helps you achieve your business goals.

We work with local, Seaton based businesses who want websites that really show off what their brand is all about.

Each of our website design projects begins with a full consultation. This is the best way for us to understand your unique business requirements, and how to convey your message to your ideal audience.

We then follow a creative process that has been carefully developed to keep you involved and updated every step of the way. We’re all about transparency and communication!


The Nicada approach to delivering your website project

1- Strategy

We start out by talking to you about what it is you want to achieve. We’ll build a picture of where you are now, and where you want to get to. And, most importantly, we’ll work with you to figure out how your new website can deliver that for you.

By identifying your ideal target clients, we can ensure that their experience on your website is exactly what they are looking for.

2- Content

Web design isn’t just about the code. Everything from your branding, to your imagery, to the copy on your website needs to be consistent in communicating your message. Does your existing content give the perfect impression? Does it tell the right story, in the right way? Does it clearly tell your audience who you are as a brand?

If not, don’t worry. Our team of creatives based in and around Seaton can help with all of that! We can offer ideas and advice. Or you have the choice to leave the content development up to our team.

Once you’re happy with all the content, it’s time to move on to the development of your website.

3- The Build – Over To The Web Designer

Utilising the strategy we developed in stage 1, our website designers will now start work on using your content to shape the design of your new website.

We’ll do more than design something pretty. We will take into account important elements like user interfaces, and the user experience on your website. And we’ll ensure that menu layouts are intuitive and optimised for conversion.

As much as we want to create something beautiful, we also know it needs to meet your requirements and deliver clear results.

4- Amendments

It’s important that the design of your website meets your expectations. So, once you’ve given us feedback on the first draft of your website design, we’ll ask you to tell us what we need to do to make it perfect. It might take more than one attempt to get it right, but we ensure that all of our clients are completely happy with the end results.

We find that this approach ensures that all of your requirements are met perfectly, and it’s why we are quickly gaining a reputation as the best web design agency in Seaton.

5- Time to go live

Now it’s time for your website visitors to get their first look at your brand new website. This is the exciting part. We love seeing all our hard work pay off, and our clients love seeing the realisation of their ideas.

We’ll test, check, and test again to ensure everything goes smoothly. It’s all part of the service!

6- Customer support

Every website design project we undertake comes with 30 days of free support after the site goes live. This gives our web developers a chance to support you with any initial niggles or issues that might arise as traffic to your website starts to increase.

We’ll also ensure that you are comfortable with using the CMS (Content Management System), so that you have the choice to make changes to your website should you wish to (although we can also offer ongoing support with that).

If you’d like to have a chat about ongoing support options, we’ll be happy to help.


Ongoing support

If you are looking for an agency in Seaton who can support your ongoing business requirements, we are the people to speak to! We don’t just design fantastic websites, we can also help with your business development through careful strategic marketing. If you’d like to talk through your options, get in touch now.

What do we offer?

Domain registration and set up

Your domain is the unique address where your customers can find you on the internet. As part of our web design service, we will register and set up your chosen domain. And we’ll also include an SSL certificate to make your site secure.

Having your domain properly set up with an SSL certificate is a vital part of your SEO strategy.

Website hosting

Make the whole process stress free by having us oversee your website hosting for a small annual fee. We work with a trusted third-party company to make your life easier.

Branding and logo design

In addition to web design, our graphic designers can create dynamic, eye-catching, on brand imagery including logos, banners and custom website images.

Read more about our additional design services and see some examples of our work here.

SEO and PPC – Helping people to find you

Our expert marketing team can help you with the strategy development, which will help your business to get the most out of your new website.

Search Engine Optimisation Seaton
is about helping people to find your website in the organic listings.

Where your website appears in the rankings is based on a score which Google awards for a variety of factors. We can help ensure you’ve got these things in order. Talk to us about what we can do to help with both on and off page SEO.

Video Production

We provide high-end company videos for websites that enhance landing pages and products.

We also offer social media advertising and pay per click campaigns.

Read more about our SEO and PPC services.

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