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 Boost Your Business with Zero Upfront Costs

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Tired of hefty fees and underperforming websites?

For many businesses, the upfront cost of website design and SEO is a significant barrier. It’s hard to justify the expense when results can take months to materialize, if at all. With Nicada Digital, that’s a problem of the past.

Cut Upfront Costs:

Eliminate excessive upfront costs associated with website and SEO services.

Guaranteed ROI Assurance:

Avoid the uncertainty of investment in web design and long-term ROI concerns.

Exchange Costs for Solutions:

Transition from high initial expenses to cost-effective digital solutions.


Introducing Nicada Digital’s revolutionary ‘no fee’ option.

We offer a unique partnership where we retain ownership of the site but invest fully in its success. Our expert team applies advanced SEO strategies to ensure your site is not just a digital placeholder but a dynamic visitor-generating engine.

No Fee:

Explore Nicada Digital’s groundbreaking ‘no fee’ partnership approach.

Applied SEO:

Benefit from ongoing, advanced SEO tactics without investing upfront costs.

Enquiry Generation:

Experience your website enquiries increase month after month.


Imagine a website that pays for itself.

With Nicada Digital, you won’t just have a great-looking site; you’ll have one that’s optimized for traffic and conversions. Instead of pouring funds into uncertain SEO, partner with us and benefit from a high-performing site that generates real leads, giving you an impressive return on investment.

Self Financing Sites:

Envision a website that not only looks outstanding but also financially sustains itself.

Build Visits and Conversions:

Leverage Nicada Digital’s expertise for a site that excels in user engagement and conversion rates.


Invest in a partnership that yields a significant return, transcending traditional SEO investment models.


Don’t wait for opportunities — create them.

Join us at Nicada Digital and let’s turn your online presence into a profit-making tool. Say goodbye to throwing money away and hello to a strategy that works. Contact us now to rent your pathway to success and let us handle the rest.

Get ready to watch your business grow with Nicada Digital — where websites are designed to perform.

Latest 5* Website Design Feedback

“Superior Web Designers”

“Very Positive”

“Great Decision”

“I always go to Adam and his team for all my web design needs, they make so many helpful suggestions along the way to optimise my design brief, making the entire process painless. They’re very intuitive about web design, what looks good on multiple platforms and are technically excellent. Adam is especially adept at translating a creative brief into digital content. They are also very reasonable in terms of price. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nicada Digital to anyone looking for savvy, superior web designers.”

“I choose Nicada to build my e-commerce website and to run some FB campaigns and have not been disappointed, the website looks great and the response from the campaign has been very positive. The assistance from Nick and the team is second to none, always happy to help….could not recommend enough.”

“I deliberated with a few companies of who to build my new e-commerce website and have to say I made a great decision in choosing Nicada. I dealt with Adam who was so helpful in all aspects of the build, giving great advice whilst providing a really professional service. The website looks great and I have to say the price was very reasonable … Thank You so much !!! “


Aparna Ilangovan

New Website Project

Imagidex Ltd


Karl Latham

New Website Design

PT Miles Jewellers


Tim Springer

New Website Design

The Laughing Gull Book and Gifts

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Join The Waiting List

Please note: There is an Initial Refundable Build Deposit of £50 (repaid after 50 visits achieved)

…and then, No monthly costs to pay until site visits reach:

100 visits p/m = £50

250 visits p/m = £125

500 visits p/m = £250

750 visits p/m = £375

1000 visits p/m = £500

“Please note that further increments of 250 additional visits will incur a charge of £125, in accordance with our pricing structure.”

(Prices are based on .50p per generated visit)

“Please note that each submission for this program will undergo a thorough individual review and will be approved based on compliance with our established selection criteria.”

Content Required For Each Site.

***Work will NOT COMMENCE on any site prior to ALL THE information and content having been supplied***

Changes to any of the submitted items may be chargeable as amendment fees based on £25 p/hr studio time.



(We will handle the registration process on your behalf to facilitate immediate access to our servers for site construction. If the domain has already been purchased, kindly provide the details, as we will need to transfer it to our platform before commencing the build process).






Please supply:

  • Content introducing your company, who you are and what your Services Provide / Products Are.
  • at least 4 photos to support the content written.


Please supply details based on some/all of the bullets below:

  • Mission Statement: Articulates the purpose and fundamental values of the company.
  • Company History: Chronicles the formation and growth of the company over time.
  • Founder’s Story: Shares the background and motivations of the company’s founders.
  • Team Information: Introduces key team members and their roles.
  • Company Culture and Values: Describes the work environment and guiding principles.
  • Products or Services: Outlines what the company offers and its unique selling points.


  • Service Description: Clearly define each service you offer, detailing what clients can expect and any unique features or benefits.
  • Expertise and Specialization: Explain your qualifications, years of experience, specialized skills, or areas of expertise.
  • Call to Action: Encourage potential clients to take the next step, whether it’s scheduling a consultation, requesting a quote, or simply reaching out for more information.


We will add your details for this page from the details supplied.


Please provide or acknowledge if not required.


Q1: How does the refundable deposit work?

A1: Your £50 deposit is fully refundable once your site hits the milestone of 50 visits. This policy is straightforward and transparent, ensuring you can invest with peace of mind.

Q2: What happens to my costs as site traffic increases?

A2: Our pricing structure is designed to scale with your success. As your site’s traffic increases, so does the fee, always in proportion to your growing online presence to avoid any surprises.

Q3: Isn't the pricing per visit complicated?

A3: Not at all. We’ve kept our pricing structure as simple as possible. You only incur additional costs as your site traffic grows, with clearly defined increments for straightforward budget planning.

Q4: Why charge based on visits rather than conversions?

A4: Every visitor is a potential customer. Our pricing is set to reflect the potential that each site visit offers, focusing on driving not just any traffic, but quality traffic that has a higher likelihood to convert.

Q5: What's involved in your review and approval process?

A5: Our process is rigorous yet streamlined to ensure a perfect fit with your business needs. We aim to get you started on your digital journey as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Q6: Will I have to wait long to get started because of the waiting list?

A6: We value quality over quantity. The waiting list ensures that we maintain our high standards and give each client our undivided attention. We believe it’s worth the wait.

Q7: Why does Nicada Digital retain ownership of the website?

A7: We retain ownership to offer you ongoing, hassle-free improvements and updates. This approach ensures your website remains cutting-edge without any extra effort on your part.

Q8: How can I trust your SEO performance promises?

A8: We are committed to our advanced SEO strategies and stand behind them to improve your site’s performance significantly and ensure meaningful traffic is driven to your business.

Q9: What if my site's traffic doesn't meet the payment thresholds?

A9: Our service model is designed to provide you with a consistent and uninterrupted web presence. You won’t face any hidden fees or service interruptions if traffic fluctuates.

Q10: Are there any long-term cost concerns with increased traffic?

A10: We understand the importance of planning for the future. As your business grows, we’ll be there to support you with a transparent long-term pricing strategy that ensures affordability.

Q11: Is there really no risk involved with your services?

A11: Absolutely. With our ‘no risk’ model, you can focus on what you do best, running your business, while we take care of establishing and maintaining your digital presence.

Terms and Conditions for Free Website Design & Hosting - Offer
  1. Eligibility: Available to businesses based on Nicada Digital’s selection criteria.
  2. Offer Details: Includes website design and hosting with no upfront costs. Nicada Digital retains ownership and invests in SEO for site success.
  3. Initial Deposit: A refundable deposit is required to begin work, conditions for refund specified in the service agreement.
  4. Fees: Monthly fees are based on site visits, aligning costs with site performance.
  5. Ownership: Nicada Digital retains ownership of the website, with specific arrangements for partnership and performance outlined in the agreement.
  6. Termination: Conditions under which either party may terminate the agreement are specified in the contract.
  7. Modifications to Terms: Nicada Digital reserves the right to modify these terms, with continued service indicating acceptance of new terms.
  8. Limitation of Liability: Limitations on Nicada Digital’s liability for damages related to the service are outlined.
  9. Governing Law: The terms are governed by local laws where Nicada Digital operates.
  10. Acceptance: Utilizing the service signifies acceptance of these terms.